12-piece makeup brush set (wooden handle)

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Product name: 12 brown pointed tail makeup brushes

Single product weight: 120g/set

Material: aluminum tube/wooden handle/chemical fiber

Supply: a large number of stocks, shipped on the same day.

Description: Solid wood rod, 12 different shapes of brush heads, suitable for facial makeup, such as foundation, blush, eye shadow, eyebrows, eyelashes, lips, residual powder, etc.! Ultra-fine artificial fiber hair! Lightweight, comfortable and professional! Two kinds :1. OPP ziplock bag with LOGO. 2. OPP ziplock bag without LOGO. Have LOGO.






[How to choose makeup brushes]

1. Choose natural hair brushes, because natural hair brushes are soft and elastic, feel comfortable in contact with the skin, and are easy to stick to powder particles, and the color is natural. Although the synthetic brush is relatively smooth, it is not easy to spread the powder evenly.

2. The bristles should be soft, smooth, firm and full and not easy to fall off, and the handle should be easy to use.

3. When choosing a brush, you can feel its elasticity by hand, or press the brush directly on the table top. The bristles of good quality will be distributed in a round shape without gaps.

4. Sweep the brush back and forth several times on the back of the hand, it is better if there is no bristles falling off.

5. The method to identify the authenticity of the bristles is to blow the hot air from a hair dryer on the bristles. The ones that remain intact are animal hairs, and the ones that are curled are artificial fibers.

[How to clean makeup brushes]

1. You can choose a special brush cleaning agent, or use mild washing products (such as baby shampoo, etc.) for cleaning. When using brush cleaner, squeeze out the cleansing cream and apply it to the soaked makeup brush, rub it gently, and then rinse with cold water.

2. Never wash against the hair.

3. After cleaning, use facial tissue or cotton pad to gently press the bristles to let the water drain out quickly. Remember not to twist the bristles, which may loosen the structure or even shed hair.

4. After controlling the moisture, you can hang the makeup brush and let the bristles face down to dry naturally. Do not use a hair dryer to heat or expose to the sun to avoid damage to the material.

[How to store makeup brushes]

1. The Dacaica makeup brand will be equipped with the corresponding cosmetic bag, or you can buy it yourself according to the quantity and specifications you have. Usually small cosmetic bags are suitable for storing short-handled brushes or travel brushes, which are more commonly used; large ones are suitable for storing professional cosmetic brushes

2. The brush that is not used for a while is inserted into the makeup tube with the brush head up. The long-handled brush is easy to use, but it is not portable. You might as well buy a shorter brush according to the size of your cosmetic bag.

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